Q)         Is it legal to sleep overnight in a Trucksnoozer?  

These hammocks are not designed for overnight use in trucks in the UK or EU, and are not yet approved by DVSA.  They are to provide somewhere comfortable to stretch out and get a power-nap when too tired to drive on safely, or when stranded or delayed, as an alternative to trying to do so across the seats.  In other countries please observe your own national rules.


Q)         What is the heaviest weight that they will support? 

The Trucksnoozer has been tested to 187 kilos which is over 400 pounds, or almost 30 stones.  It is unlikely that anyone heavier than that would be able to climb into the hammock, or for that matter be driving a truck. They are much stronger than a deck chair or sun-lounger, so if you can use one of those, you’ll be fine in a Trucksnoozer. 


Q)        How do you get in?

Take your shoes off if muddy, stand on the seat and roll in hips first. You will find it much easier than you imagine.


Q)         What about privacy?

Because the hammock fits over the doors it is only possible to see the underside through the side windows.  Use the sun visors to block any view from the front of the truck and you are almost invisible from outside.  Reflections from the windscreen also make it particularly difficult for a passer-by to see you.


Q)         Do you offer a guarantee?

Yes. The hammocks are tough and very durable.  As long as any fault or damage is the result of a manufacturing error, unravelling of stitching or from normal use as intended we will repair or replace your hammock up to two years from date of purchase. The most likely damage you will experience will be from accidental contact with a sharp edge.  Cheaper than paying postage costs you will be able to get this repaired quite easily locally by any sewing workshop, such as a curtain maker or shoe repair shop. 


Q)         If I have to order a repair, what are the materials used?

The Trucksnoozer is a synthetic canvas and can be stitched, glued, welded with a hot knife or all three.  


Q)         Wouldn’t it be easy to fall out?

It seems not. The hammocks are the optimum width and in several years of use there have been no reports of this, and I certainly haven’t.


Q)         What if someone opens the door?

Lock them! I don’t know of anyone who would walk up to a parked truck that wasn’t theirs and open a door. But if you think it possible, lock the doors. 


Q)         What about if it’s too hot or too cold?

Open the windows, or use a thermal mat.  It is true that unlike a mattress hammocks are thin, and can be cold underneath.  Highway Hammocks recommend you use a thermal insulated mat, and we offer a specially designed tubular fleece. This goes entirely around the hammock so that it can’t fall off, no matter how much you wriggle. 


Q)         How do I know if it will fit my truck?

For the original Trucksnoozer you need a minimum of six feet of cab width but if you have a narrower one it will still work, but it will dip more and you may have to lay with bent knees. That depends on your height. You also need 24 inches of level door top. If the door slopes, the hammock will have a sideways tilt.  Also, if your cab tapers and is narrower where the door meets the windscreen than where it opens at the back of the cab, the hammock will sag a bit at the front. A chock to take up this difference is being designed. 

The Trucksnoozer will fit all cab-overs from 7.5 tonnes up to Renault Magnum, DAF XF etc.